Barrus provides the Wessex Rose Hotel Boat invaluable support

Published on: 28/09/2018


When the owners, David and Karen, of the Wessex Rose, a luxury 5-star Hotel Boat, started to experience an oil leak with their Shire 90 engine, they quickly contacted the support team at Barrus. With cruises running for most of the year and up to 6 passengers on-board, it is imperative that they keep to a tight schedule and avoid the need to cancel cruises and disappoint customers.

The Shire 90 was fitted to the boat 4 years ago and was therefore out of the 3 year warranty period; however, Barrus had previously supported the Wessex Rose by upgrading their exhaust system and felt compelled to help when the call came through from the concerned owners. 

Richard Cooke, Technical Support Engineer, was sent to help and after a long time spent in the small and cramped engine room was eventually able to pinpoint where the leak was coming from. 

“He spent ages in a very, very cramped engine room contorting himself into impossible positions to try and find out where our leak was emanating from finally thinking that it was down to the sump gasket,” commented David. 

“However, not being content with that and not giving up, he ran the engine up and carried out yet more checks in what was now a very noisy and hot engine room to find that the body of the ‘oil pressure sender unit’ seemed to have parted company with the base of the unit and was leaking oil but with no evidence of marks anywhere,” David continued.


Luckily, Richard had the right spare part in his van and was able to fix the leak there and then, so the Wessex Rose was quickly back in business as normal.

After Richards visit, Phil James, Senior R&D Engineer, received this email from the very pleased and relieved owners: 

‘Good news, 8 hours Thames cruising today and not a drop of oil used!! So, thanks to you and Richard, I think we can now consider it ‘cured’ although I am still amazed that 4 litres of oil a day were passing through such a tiny split!


Thanks again to you both; you have no idea at all just how much your support and service mean to us and how much we appreciate it. Being such a small operation and with ‘all eggs in one basket’ we really are exposed when anything goes wrong and its support like yours that helps us and gives us the confidence to keep going, you have 2 eternally grateful and extremely relieved Shire 90 owners who will never be able to say thank you enough to Barrus, yourself and the star of the day Richard 

Simply ‘Thank You’ 

The Wessex Rose is one of the most luxurious wide beam hotel boats in England and has featured in the Channel Four programme ‘Amazing Spaces’.  Find out more here

For more information on the Shire range of canal boat engines click here >

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