Lucas Hatch's Monthly Review - Hedge Shears and the Hand Trowel and Fork.

Published on: 12/10/2015


This month I’ve been testing out the Wilkinson Sword 8” RazorCut Pro Hedge Shears, and the Wilkinson Sword stainless steel Hand Trowel and Fork.

The hand trowel and fork, which are both comfortable to hold and use, are made from stainless steel with ash handles, which means they should last a very long time. These tools are essential for any gardener, and this time of year is an ideal time to plant bulbs and transplant pot grown shrubs into the ground whilst the soil is still warm, so that they can build a good root system before winter sets in. Using these tools I’ve been planting some daffodil bulbs called Barrett Browning, which are a white petal variety with a bright orange cupped centre, and various shrubs including a Buddleja Buzz Indigo. The hand fork is particularly good for removing weeds, loosening the soil and aerating before planting.



The hedge shears have aluminium handles rather than the traditional wood or steel. These make the shears much lighter and together with the soft grips make the shears really well balanced and comfortable to use for long periods without your arms aching, together with the addition of rubber stops to prevent jarring are a bonus. The blades on the RazorCut Pro version produce the best and easiest cut I have ever experienced from a pair of shears. This month I have been cutting back shrubs and hedges in readiness for the winter, and these have been really good at cutting our yew hedge into shape. Apparently these shears are well suited for topiary where smaller more accurate cuts are needed as well as for all types of hedge cutting.

These are the best shears I have ever used, and I can see from the build quality that they will give me years of service.



For more information on the Wilkinson Sword range of garden tools - please visit


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