Cub Cadet launches new XR robotic mowers

Published on: 26/03/2019


Leading lawnmower manufacturer Cub Cadet has launched a ground-breaking new range of robotic mowers, the XR Enduro Series.

Built with innovation and convenience in mind, the new robots - XR1, XR2 and XR3 - mow up to 10 percent faster than similar models on the market due to the patented blade technology and strong mowing system, producing a perfectly trimmed lawn in no time.

The robots have been developed with state-of-the-art technology and features that meet both consumer and professional needs to save the time and effort of mowing.

The XR1 500 features a strong, floating, self-cleaning mowing deck that handles challenging terrain with incredible accuracy and produces clippings fine enough to mulch into the soil. This process acts as a natural fertiliser resulting in a better-looking lawn, improved performance and reduced maintenance.

The XR2 and XR3 robots in the range have the unique ability to trim right up to the edge of the lawn thanks to the patented steel blades which cut beyond the wheelbase. Therefore, there is no need for a lawn edge cutter or strimmer, saving space on storage. Also, the robots will mow areas of up to 5000m².

By utilising state-of-the-art technology, gardeners will have complete control of their robot, any place, any time, using their smart phone or home computer to view reports and change mowing schedules. As well as being Alexa compatible, they have pin code security, and some models come with Bluetooth remote control capability and GPS, which allows the mower to be tracked.

The ever-changing British weather needn’t be a problem either as the integrated rain sensor alerts the robot to return to its home when it starts raining. It can then start cutting again when the weather improves.

Phil Noble, field sales and technical manager for Cub Cadet, said: “We have waited for the right time to join this competitive market to ensure our robotic mowers have all the features that a gardener could want. Customers are now starting to see robotics as a viable option to a traditional walk-behind mower or a lawn tractor, so by creating a range which is smart, innovative, cost-effective and convenient to use, we are showing that a robotic mower is the future of mowing.”

The XR mowers are equipped with Smart Mow which instead of stopping and turning when the robot reaches the perimeter wire, turns in a continuously smooth arc, saving time and ensuring a better-quality cut.

Deciding when to mow isn’t an issue as the robots can be programmed to run at any time of the day, even when the user is away on holiday. The robotic mowers run between 68 and 74 decibels, depending on the model, meaning even during the night gardeners can be assured the lawn will still be cut to a high standard, without disrupting neighbours or wildlife. 

For this range, Cub Cadet has also introduced the exclusive Robozone. This innovative feature works either via a battery or mains power and is a signal transmitter, which means that the robotic mower can be used in another garden without having to buy a second charging station - ideal for when a gardener needs to go round to mow the parent's lawn. It also enables the robot to be used in difficult and hard-to-reach areas where there is no mains power. This cutting-edge product from Cub Cadet means the robot can be utilised for more than one job.

Phil added: “A robotic mower will give you back the time spent mowing the lawn to use doing other things whilst still have a perfectly trimmed lawn. Also, robots mulch the grass exceptionally well, which helps put nutrients back into the lawn, keeping it green and healthy - even in drought conditions like last year, it’s a win-win situation.”

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