Executive Hire Show 2017

Published on: 20/02/2017

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The Industrial Division from Barrus focussed on Yanmar’s compact diesel engine range designed for high-performance, reliability and durability and widely used for plant hire and equipment applications. The L100 and L70 engines from Yanmar’s popular L-Series air-cooled range meet the Final Tier 4 emission regulations. They are ideal for powering construction equipment, power generating sets, pumps and hydraulic power packs and utility applications.


Yanmar customers with TNV-CR water-cooled series industrial diesel engines are already prepared for the introduction of EU Stage 5 regulations in 2019. This means that no change is required to comply with the incoming regulation. These engines, in addition to meeting the US EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage 4 regulation, are already compliant with the proposed 2019 EU Stage 5 requirements which will limit the Particle Number (PN), thus reducing the emission of ultrafine particulate matter. Yanmar Stage 5-Ready means that the currently available EPA Tier 4/EU Stage 4 engines will stay exactly the same for Stage 5 as they are today, with the sole and only exception of the emission label sticker. This means that any industrial equipment with a Yanmar EPA Tier 4/EU Stage 4 engine already in use will need no further modification whatsoever to comply with EU Stage 5 regulation. These engines were all really well received and generated a lot of interest on the stand this year 

“Yanmar put in a lot of effort to ensure that any newly introduced technical development coming to the market retains the same degree of reliability which made the company so renowned worldwide,” comments John Day, General Manager, Industrial Division, E. P. Barrus Ltd. “As emission legislation tightens, Yanmar has responded once again and we are ready for the future now.”

Overall there was a very good showing of Yanmar Powered equipment at the show with several products being launched fitted with Yanmar engines such as the new Stephill light tower that was fitted with a Yanmar L70 and the Harrington welfare cabin 6kva generator with a Yanmar L100. 


Barrus also showcased models from Kawasaki’s FJ-D range of air-cooled, 4 stroke horizontal shaft engines. These engines are designed to provide optimum performance even in the toughest conditions. They are suitable for many markets and applications including walk-behind lawnmowers, small shredders and chippers, general turf equipment, pressure washers, pumps and generators and all general portable equipment for industrial and grounds care use. The old Kawasaki museum engine gained a lot of interest on the back of Kawasaki celebrating their 60th Birthday this year.

Many of the manufacturers and suppliers that exhibited at the Executive Hire Show displayed machinery fitted with Yanmar engines including Altrad Belle, Morris Site Machinery, Brendon Powerwashers, Heindall, Pramac UK, Demon, SPE, Tracmaster, Harrington Generators International and Stephill Generators.

The Industrial Division at Barrus has a flexible approach to customer requirements providing specialist applications engineering support for both one-off projects and volume production.  

Loncin showcased its innovative range of generators, pumps and engines at the Executive Hire Show.


With increased visibility in the UK, the brand is now firmly placed as a major player in the industrial, construction and consumer markets with an ever-expanding range of high-performance, reliable products that offer cost effective solutions for all power needs. The brands UK success has mirrored that of the Loncin factory in China by gaining major OEM accounts, such as Atlas Copco and Wacker Neuson, as well as its continuing partnership with BMW.

The Loncin petrol engine line-up has horizontal models from 1.8hp to 12hp, with vertical engines from 3.6hp to 4.8hp. Completing the range are the 19.7hp and the new 29.5hp horizontal V-Twin engines, and the vertical V-Twin engine at 19.3hp. Many customers are now choosing to extend the life of their existing equipment by choosing Loncin as a repower option, offering significant savings against the purchase of a new machine.

Loncin’s generator range includes the open frame sets from 2kW to 6kW and the inverter generators from 1.6kW to 3.0kW. Fuel efficient with reduced emissions, they offer the ideal, durable and reliable portable power supply. Three new inverter generators have been added to the range including the LC3500i, LC3500io and the LC3500io-110v. The LC3500i has quickly become a top selling generator, and the LC3500io-110v, is set for success in 2017 as the UK’s first, 110v, commercially available industrial open frame inverter generator. The Loncin LC2000is-110v was the first CE approved 110v inverter generator in the UK.

Loncin also manufacture a range of portable petrol pumps including 1”, 2”, 3” models plus a 2” high lift option for clean water applications, and a 3” semi trash pump capable of moving fluids containing small debris. 2017 will see developments of the existing range to suit agricultural applications.

With full UK based spares, warranty and service back up from E. P. Barrus Ltd, as well as comprehensive support from the extensive Loncin Master Dealer Network (Loncin MZD); customers are guaranteed peace of mind.

A UK first for Loncin at the Executive Hire Show


Loncin continually strives for excellence, and the delivery of innovative products to complement its ever-expanding range. The latest focus is on the development of the inverter generator range from 1.6kW to 3.5kW with the introduction of the UKs first 110v commercially available industrial open frame inverter generator, the LC3500io.

The Loncin LC2000is-110v was the first CE approved 110v inverter generator in the UK, and on the back of this success, Loncin has released the LC3500io-110v. This new generator delivers a full 3kW of stable FM-SPWM ll (Frequency Multiplication Sine Inversion) power, a technology developed in-house by Loncin. This combination of power and technology, packed into the compact, low noise, robust and lightweight design of the LC3500io, is a natural choice for many professionals.

Loncin firmly believes that inverter technology is the future of industrial power generation, as an increasing number of products are migrating to this form of stable power delivery. Offering spike free AC power with low noise and low exhaust emissions (EPA lll Compliant), the new LC3500io will set the bar for 110v power in the UK.

The Loncin brand has grown significantly in the UK since its introduction in 2013, gaining a loyal following in the industrial, construction and marine sectors. The Loncin line-up now includes petrol engines from 1.8hp to 29.7hp, generators from 1.6kW to 6kW and water pumps from 1” to 3” semi trash. With full UK based spares, warranty and service back up from E P Barrus Ltd, as well as comprehensive support from the extensive Loncin Master Dealer Network (Loncin MZD); customers are guaranteed peace of mind.  

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