Expanded power potential: The John Deere JD18

Published on: 12/04/2024


John Deere is offering more power than ever before with the introduction of the JD18 engine.

Building on the rugged design of the JD14 engine, the JD18 engine extends John Deere’s rated power range to 522 – 676 kW (700 – 907 hp). The engine features a rear gear train, which produces excellent direct power and the option of one or two rear auxiliary drives for a total of 902 Nm (665lb-ft) maximum torque, providing quiet operation.

Leveraging the best John Deere technologies, the JD18 answers market and customer demands for more engine power that can easily integrate into numerous heavy-duty applications.


Uptime-focused controls

Improved John Deere model-based controls offer excellent diagnostic capabilities, enabling future prognostics and the ability to target the source of engine performance issues.


Extreme durability

The JD18 features a bedplate design, providing structural benefits for extreme durability. It is built for 20,000 hours of operation with the option for two rebuilds.


Service and maintenance

The JD18 engine was designed for ease of service and maintenance. Hydraulic Lash Adjustment (HLA) offers a maintenance-free valvetrain, eliminating the need to reset the lash.


Fluid management

New combustion technology allows John Deere to offer an engine in the 522 – 676 kW (700 -907 hp) power range without aftertreatment. Without the need for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), users have one less fluid to manage. The high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel system allows the engine to deliver optimised fluid consumption. A diamond-like coating (DLC) improves biodiesel compatibility and system robustness.


Reliable innovation

The new combustion technology offers a simplified air system with fixed and wastegate turbos, allowing the engine to meet emissions requirements without applying aftertreatment. This provides a simplified engine integration and package size.


Barrus, the UK distributor for John Deere engines, will be showing the JD18 alongside the JD14 and the JD4 at Hillhead Quarry, near Buxton, from June 25to 27, 2024. Meet the Barrus Industrial Team at Hillhead on Stand C39.



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