Growing success with PMC Harvesters

Posted on:09/06/2022

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Growing success with PMC Harvesters

John Deere Stage V engines are powering PMC Harvesters' vegetable harvester machines.

PMC Harvesters Ltd, based in Fakenham, Norfolk, has almost 50 years of experience in the production of self-propelled machines for the harvesting of peas, broad beans, green beans, soya and other leafy products such as spinach and parsley. Working closely with growers and processors, PMC Harvesters machines have been developed to increase levels of capacity, reliability, and efficiency, delivering a high-quality end product as economically as possible.

The 7150 Bean Harvester is fitted with a John Deere PowerTechTM  PSS 6.8L Stage V engine, which is the first of PMC’s machines to be powered by John Deere’s Stage V technology.

PMC machines are exported to numerous countries around the world, including the USA, Brazil, Europe and Japan, and each territory has different emission standard requirements. John Deere Stage 3 and Stage IV emission compliant engines have been supplied by Barrus to satisfy these requirements, and Barrus applications engineers have supported PMC to ensure the best engine configuration from each emission stage to the next.

“We have been supplying John Deere engines to PMC Harvesters for a number of years and worked closely with them to ensure a smooth transition through each stage of consecutive emission regulations,” commented Graham Dunn, Area Sales Manager for the Industrial Engines Division at Barrus.

Julian Smith, Manufacturing Manager for PMC Harvesters, commented, “We chose the John Deere engine as the power rating fitted the needs of the machine and being in the agricultural market, many of our customers are familiar with the brand and the service available through the local agents.”


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