PowerLink count on John Deere – confidence built-in

Posted on:09/06/2022

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PowerLink count on John Deere – confidence built-in

John Deere PowerTechTM generator drive engines operate efficiently all day and work reliably for many years, which makes them the power of choice for generator-set applications. The wide range of engine configurations and accessories from John Deere ensures the right generator drive engine can be specified that best suits the application.

PowerLink, a world leader in the engine-driven energy equipment industry for more than 20 years has put its trust in John Deere, specifying EPA Final Tier 4 engines and now the latest UK/EU Stage V engine series. PowerLink’s mid-range certified generator sets have a power output from 53 kVA to 505 kVA. Designed to comply with rental power emission regulations, they are renowned for their durability, high fuel efficiency, reduced sound levels and ease of operation with a user-friendly interface.

The John Deere confidence

PowerLink’s generator sets are powered by a combination of John Deere’s PowerTechTM generator drive 2.9L and 6.8L engines which are dual EPA Final Tier 4 and EU Stage V and the 4.5L models EPA Final Tier 4 only. Both series are designed to comply with the UK/EU and North American emission regulations for their respective markets and can be used in a wide variety of rental applications including, but not limited to construction sites, festivals and events, leisure facilities and emergency backup.

Jack Zhu, Sales Account Manager for PowerLink explained why they have chosen John Deere, “The John Deere brand is very well recognised and respected in the market, and we fully understand the high level of quality built into their products. Initially, we specified John Deere for our Final Tier 4 generator set series, and this success gave us the confidence to continue to use John Deere engines in our Stage V series for the UK/EU.  This range of engines is also ideally suited to meet the designed power output of the generators within the series.”

John Day, General Manager for the Industrial Engines Division at Barrus, commented, “John Deere engines fulfil Powerlink’s requirement for efficient, reliable power with low diesel consumption, and we are delighted that PowerLink is continuing to specify the latest UK/EU Stage V John Deere engines for their mid-range generator sets.”





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