Kawasaki Has the Power to Handle All-Terrain

Published on: 14/05/2015


Launched by Loxston Ground Care, a family company based in Somerset, the Hybot is an innovative and highly effective multi-terrain mower that can mow in awkward locations and on steep slopes, providing safe and easy access to areas that other mowers would find it difficult to reach. It achieves this through an easy-to-use, specially designed remote control system that allows the Hybot to be operated from a safe and practical distance.

Hybot is a true hybrid. It is powered by four , high-torque, 48 volt, 3-phase, brushless electric motors that allow the machine to operate at speeds of up to 6mph, with a 18.hp, 4-stroke Kawasaki twin cylinder petrol engine driving the three rotary cutting blades that provide it with a mowing width of 96cm (36inches).

While in operation, the air cooled, FS600V-ES Kawasaki petrol engine recharges the on-board hybrid system, storing the surplus energy until it is needed. This means that the Hybot can be moved without starting the engine, and, therefore, less effort is required when the machine is in use. These features result in fuel savings and fewer emissions.

Its low centre of gravity, and a high grip, 8-wheel drive system, provides Hybot with exceptional stability, features that enable it to work at an angle of up to 50 degrees. Weighing just 250kgs, it is the lightest machine of its kind giving it the ability to climb banks and inclines like no other machine can.

Other features that add to the Hybot`s environment credentials include its low ground impact qualities. The machine is just as effective travelling backwards as it is forwards, and there is no need to turn the machine at the end of a run that reduces the potential of scuffing or tearing the ground.

“There was a huge interest in the Hybot at Saltex earlier this year with very positive reactions, particularly as it is the only 8 wheel drive machine on the market using Hybrid technology and drive to all 8 wheels. After considerable research and testing we chose Kawasaki over the other engine options due to its performance on sloping terrain, torque and power curve plus an excellent history of quality and reliability,” comments Peter Loxston, Managing Director, Loxston Ground Care.

Production of the Hybot is scheduled for early 2015.

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