Yanmar certified for new Stage V Emission Standards

Published on: 10/06/2019


Barrus will be showing the latest EU Stage V emission industrial diesel engines Yanmar at Plantworx.

Yanmar has released its first Stage V compliant engines, having received certification for the European off-road emission legislation that came into effect from January 2019. These standards are again more stringent than the previous ones and continue to reduce the emissions of nitrogen (di) oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM), such as soot. The new EU Stage V standards also limit the emission of the number of particulates (PN).

The new European emission standards apply to engines installed in non-road (off-road) mobile machinery (NRMM) between 19kW and 56kW. An additional regulation is included for engines below 19kW. The new European standards are now the toughest emission standards in the world.

The 24 Yanmar diesel models cover not only the more stringent NOx and particulate matter standards imposed on the 19kW and over range, but also the more recently imposed regulations for engines introduced for the under 19kW range.

There are 3 Yanmar air-cooled diesel engine models available under 19kW; the L48V, L70V and L100V. Ranging from 3.1kW to 6.8kW these engines feature both recoil and electric start facility. Ideal for a range of applications, these compact engines are suitable for pumps, gen sets, hydraulic power packs, cement mixers and numerous other portable equipment.

There are 6 Yanmar variable speed, water-cooled engine models available up to 19kW which meet the regulations without the need for after treatment; the 2TNV70, 3TNV70, 3TNV76, 3TNM68, 3TNM72 and 3TNV82A. Two 1500rpm fixed speed models, 3TNV88 and 4TNV88 also meet the regulations without the need for after treatment.

To find out more about these engine ranges and how we can assist you through the new Stage V regulations, visit us on Stand DC7.


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