A voyage of discovery for young people

Published on: 06/05/2019

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Barrus is proud to support The Cirdan Sailing Trust, an organisation that has provided around 33,000 young people from across the UK with self-development, integration and learning opportunities through the challenge of life at sea aboard its fleet of large sailing vessels.

Established in 1983, the Trust’s work is mainly with groups of young people who suffer from disadvantages related to social deprivation, exclusion, have learning difficulties or find school life challenging and need added direction.

Sailing for up to 7 days at a time and accompanied by their youth leaders, the young people work alongside the professional crew and are involved in all aspects of running and sailing the vessel, both above and below deck. They also have to adapt to living in harmony with their shipmates in a confined space and appreciate how to conduct themselves when ashore.

Leonie Black, Chief Executive of The Cirdan Sailing Trust, commented, “The unique opportunity of being at sea, within the confines of a boat, creates an atmosphere and environment that will help to build the traits and characteristics essential for young people to thrive in today’s society.”

The Trust’s Voyage of Discovery Fund scheme supplements the limited monies raised through organisations’ and individuals own resources to ensure the experience can be made available to their young people. With a focus on the provision of voyages for disadvantaged groups, Cirdan, in turn, rely on the generous support of benefactors for the successful operation of the scheme.

“For many years, Cirdan has received the support of Barrus through the provision of Mariner outboard engines for our sailing vessel’s dinghies and a number of AB inflatable boats,” Leonie explained. “This equipment is not only essential for safety purposes, but it also allows us to enhance the young people’s experience with trips ashore. This may be to swim from the beach, play games, barbecue, sightsee, get provisions or just exercise on dry land. There is also the opportunity to get in small boat practice which the young people really enjoy. Having reliable Mariner engines and the helpful and friendly service from Barrus has been of enormous value to Cirdan’s work over the years for which we are very grateful.”


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