Yanmar develops new high-powered industrial diesel engines

Posted on:08/02/2021

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Yanmar has developed two high-powered industrial diesel engine models  (3TN86CHT/4TN86CHT) that comply with EU StageV and U.S. EPA/CARB Tier 4 emission regulations.

The newly developed engine achieves even higher power density by integrating the latest diesel engine technology born from Yanmar’s extensive engine development experience. In addition to complying with strict emission regulations, the new engine is compact, allowing it to be easily fitted to customers’ machinery and has lower fuel consumption and noise.

Yanmar has added the clean, high-powered new models to its current popular line-up of vertical water-cooled diesel engines for industrial use and will continue to provide power sources for industrial machinery that meet customers' requirements.

High power density

To increase power output, a new matching turbocharger design has been fitted, along with higher strength in various engine parts. As a result, 3TN86CHT and 4TN86CHT have 20% and 14% more power output, respectively, than TNV models of the same displacement with inter-cooled turbo in the current line-up.

Compact engine configuration

The compact outline of the engine was designed taking into account engine bay dimensions, making it easier for customers to install it on their equipment. Also, increasing the output of the exhaust gas after-treatment system without making it larger contributes to improved operator’s visibility and comfort.

Proprietary exhaust gas after-treatment system to offer seamless working in the field

The new is equipped with Yanmar’s proprietary DPF system for capturing particulate matter. This system, which has been well received in the market, keeps you working at high altitudes and at low





temperature, and under all work conditions, from light to heavy loads. In addition, the DPF cleaning service has a long interval of 6000 hours.

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