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No matter what sector you work in—construction, agriculture, industrial, or power generation—Yanmar knows the importance of continuity for your business. Yanmar engines are true high-performance technology and boast the maximum engine life. They are tested under extreme conditions. They don’t leave the production line until they live up to every aspect of Yanmar’s legendary reputation. Our commitment is reflected in our impressive engine warranties and world-class dealer support network.


Yanmar horizontal water-cooled diesel engines for industrial and generator use are also available as power packs. Water-cooled engines contain enclosed radiator systems for cooling. These enclosed systems create additional insulation around the motor, making it quieter than its air-cooled counterparts. They warm up quickly, so where speed is a factor, liquid-cooled engines are a major plus. They also maintain engine temperatures with ease and, therefore, maintain engine performance and emissions with ease.

7.0 kW – 155 kW range.


Yanmar air-cooled diesel engines, with direct injection, are naturally aspirated and EU Stage V compliant. Because they are up-to-date with recently implemented regulations, you can be sure that they are reliable now and will remain reliable for their lifetime. Their reliability also lies in their simplicity – the parts and pieces of equipment needed to keep a liquid-cooled engine running are not needed in an air-cooled machine. Less equipment means fewer parts to become problematic as the engine ages, thus giving air-cooled engines a naturally longer life span. Air-cooled engines are also less bulky, less heavy, and have a higher fuel economy, as 5-10% of their power isn’t spent maintaining an enclosed liquid cooling loop. There is no need to monitor coolant levels regularly.

3.5 kW – 7.4 kW range.

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